Exchanges and Returns

Exchange or Return Policy

Here at Arto, we do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible experience with our products and consecutively, with our brand.

We are so confident of the value and quality of the products Arto , which we use a policy of exchanges and returns... *
No complications!


* Exchanges will be made if the poster suffers any malfunction at the time of transport. In this case we send new poster. We do not perform different exchanges of references.

What if the products you buy arrive damaged?

Very hardly that will happen! There are almost zero cases where this happened. Our packaging is very sturdy.

However, if when you receive your order, you notice a defect in any product, you will simply send us an email to describe what happened- Contact Us.

The intention of the exchange or return shall take place within the maximum period of 5 days after the receipt of your order. Save the original packaging as it will be necessary for the return.

We will then contact you and combine the immediate exchange without extra charge or bureaucracy.

Special Request: Treat the art with care – it's not worth saying it was already torn! 🙂 don't forget that we are very strict in quality control. Nothing comes out of our art workshop without a watchful eye.

Important observations

Incorrect address: It is imperative that the delivery address you specified at the time of the order is correct. In case of error, the postal mail will automatically return the order.
In this case, the referral will have to be supported by you.

Delivery Time: If no one is in your home when the Post office is delivering your order, it will be available at the Post office closest to your residence for seven days. If the order is not lifted by you, the time limit will be returned to us.
In this case, the referral will have to be supported by you.

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